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Elite apartments for rent in Saint-Petersburg and its suburbs

Total number of properties : 574

Modern style 3-room apartment for rent

аренда современной 3-комнатной квартиры в центре на Невском проспекте дом 88 Санкт-Петербург
Stylish 3-room apartment for lease in the very centre of Saint-Petersburg, Western standard renovation, fully furnished and equipped, Intercom.
Type of property : apartment ID618
District : Central
Adress : Nevsky Pr. 88
Total area : 112m2
Number of rooms : 3
Rent rate : 1 630 €/month

Modern residential complex "Skandi Klubb"

Элитная жилая недвижимость Санкт-Петербург
Author's design 2-room apartment with a water view panoramic terrace for rent in the modern RC "Skandi Klubb" at 18, Aptekarsky prospect.
Type of property : apartment ID620
District : Petrogradsky
Adress : Aptekarsky Pr. 18
Total area : 89m2
Number of rooms : 2
Rent rate : 1 500 €/month

Elite residential complex "Zolotaya Shpalernaya"

аренда элитной недвижимости Санкт-Петербург
Spacious author's design 3-room apartment with a terrace for rent in the elite residential complex "Zolotaya Shpalernaya", at 60, Shpalernaya Street.
Type of property : apartment ID621
District : Central
Adress : Shpalernaya Str. 60
Total area : 100m2
Number of rooms : 3
Rent rate : 1 570 €/month

City view attic apartment to let Vassilievsky Island

Stylish author's design attic apartment with a nice view panoramic terrace for rent, situated on Vassilievsky Island, concierge, parking.
Type of property : apartment ID622
District : Vasilyeostrovsky
Adress : Nalichnaya Str. 21
Total area : 175m2
Number of rooms : 5
Rent rate : 2 720 €/month